The ‘To Be Or Nought To Be‘ Art-Poetry exhibition, conceived by artist Carmel Doherty and poet Patrick Stack in 2014, is a collaboration between Clare-based poets and artists, and takes place in February-March 2015 in glór gallery and the Rowan Tree Café.
The title of the exhibition is taken from the last line of the poem ROTA by Patrick Stack.

For the project, ten poets submitted one or more poems which were then given to five artists who produced paintings using the poems as inspiration.
Some poems were chosen by more than one artist, and some artists painted from more than one poet’s work.

Details of the poets and artists, with links to the poems and paintings, are as follows:

'ROTA' by Carmel Doherty

The Poets

The Artists

PoetPoem [artist]
Arthur WatsonTo Come of Age [Carmel Doherty]
Brian MooneyWinter Ending [Mick O'Dea]
Winter Ending [Richard Sharp]
The Drowning [Richard Sharp]
Edward O'DwyerTexting God [Carmel Doherty]
Frank GoldenAuerbach [Carmel Doherty]
Jinny ThomasSpider [Carmel Doherty]
Karen J McDonnellLady of Title Lunatic [Brian McMahon]
Martin VernonCreativity [Will Gillchrist]
Creativity (2) [Will Gillchrist]
Creativity (3) [Will Gillchrist]
Creativity (4) [Will Gillchrist]
Creativity (5) [Will Gillchrist]
Creativity (6) [Will Gillchrist]
Creativity (7) [Will Gillchrist]
Mike DouseAn Unused Catflap in County Clare
[Richard Sharp]
Patrick StackBeauty [Brian McMahon]
Beauty [Richard Sharp]
ROTA [Carmel Doherty]
The Dance is Wild [Carmel Doherty]
Donaghmore Beach July 1984
[Carmel Doherty]
Dharma [Carmel Doherty]
Embrace [Carmel Doherty]
Peter KayThe Great Wall [Richard Sharp]
ArtistPainting [poet]
Brian McMahonNovember Rohira (Karen J. McDonnell)
Paddy at the laptop [Patrick Stack]
Carmel DohertyAn Auerbach Face [Frank Golden]
Texting God [Edward O'Dwyer]
The Dance is Wild [Patrick Stack]
Donaghmore Beach [Patrick Stack]
Dharma [Patrick Stack]
Clara [Arthur Watson]
Silken Threads [Jinny Thomas]
Embrace [Patrick Stack]
The Dance [ Patrick Stack]
Mick O'DeaHill (Brian Mooney)
Richard SharpNoughaval Flood [Brian Mooney]
The Drowning [Brian Mooney]
An Unused Catflap [Mike Douse]
Beauty [Patrick Stack]
The Wall [Peter Kay]
Will GillchristField [Martin Vernon]
The Bang [Martin Vernon]
wow wow land [Martin Vernon]
Birds on a Table [Martin Vernon]
Poet [Martin Vernon]
Raining Nails [Martin Vernon]
The Lighthouse [Martin Vernon]
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