An Auerbach Face

'An Auerbach Face' by Carmel Doherty

 Title: An Auerbach Face; Medium: mixed; Price: €5,000.



The clotted image of an Auerbach face
The sundered constancies of guise and mask
The spilled clatter of the head
Burst and dripping in the frame

You know the version of the self you prize
You understand the degradation of your cells in time
You see the changes in your hands and nails
You’ve seen the waiver of your eyes

In shards of orchard shaded glass,
In wood whorls, pearled milk pools, flaked stones,
Kinked bits of matter falling into pillow flutes,
Staled discards in purling wood smoke,

The full composite of the self
The bludgeoned layerings persona thick
Cloyed fabulations claying to bone
The feel of a life as it falls aside.

You stand outside the self on the margins of a lake
And watch the graded trail of vanguard selves
Walk through the lambent evening water
And vanish as frayed shinings on the surface.


© Frank Golden

Photo of Carmel DohertyCarmel Doherty qualified from the University of Dundee in 1990 with an M.Phil in Public Art & Design and since then she has exhibited extensively both in Ireland and on the Continent. Her work is held in both public and private collections.


Photo of Frank GoldenFrank Golden is a Clare-based poet, novelist, and visual artist. He has published four books of poems, the most recent of which is In Daily Accord (Salmon Publications). His second novel The Night Game (Salmon Publications) will launch at the Ennis Book Club Festival 2015. He has received awards and bursaries from the Film Board and the Irish Arts Council.

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