'Field' by Will Gillchrist

Title: Field; Medium: mixed; Price: €750.



There is a moment
No a millisecond
Nestled softly between
The lightning and the thunder
The birth and the cry
The caress and the sensation
Delicate and silent
Eclipsing bliss
A pure vulnerable blink
A delicious expectation
As curtains part
On the first night
Or canvas shivers
Beneath burnt umber bristles
Before the rosined bow
Kisses the string
As the pen
Quivers in the hand
When anything
Anything at all
Is possible


© Martin Vernon


Photo of Will GillchristWill Gillchrist – A painter in Ireland

hopefully you are lucky
and can see what you paint
painting what you see makes possible
that painted, it’s what has been.


Photo of Martin Vernon Martin Vernon has lived in Co. Clare for twenty years. He is a member of The Poetry Collective (formerly known as The Clare Three-Legged Stool Poets).


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