The Wall

'The Wall' by Richard Sharp

Title: The Wall; Medium: Acrylic & varnish; Price: €580.

 The Great Wall


We shuffle in for Tuesday’s
Meeting – psychiatric – of Aware.
I look around at all the
Wounded faces and I can see
Into the damaged hearts. We
Take our seats, we flotsam of
The world. This convocation
Of the broken ships. We are
Encouraged to speak out our
Lives. To go down where the fester
Of our sores is manifested in
Our halting speech. There is a
Wall we cannot seem to scale. There
Is a heartache deeper than the world.
The towers are vertabrae of ancient
Anguish. The battlements pour down
Their boiling oil. Some of us have
Taken to the bed. The shadow of
The wall impedes the day. The wall,
It is too high to ever scale. The hell
Of disappointment shears the soul.
I swear I’ll find some way before
I die to shatter down that vast
And cruel wall.

© Peter Kay



Photo of Richard SharpRichard Sharp was born in 1954 in Belfast. He lives in Quilty and farms in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare. His medium is either acrylic or Oil/gloss and all his subject matter is local.



Photo of Peter KayPeter Kay has been living in Ennis for two years and writes poetry and plays, and dabbles in art and the keyboard.


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