The Dance

'Clara' by Carmel Doherty

Title: Clara; Medium: mixed; Price: €5,000.- SOLD

 To Come of Age


(Crow Hall Commune, Norfolk, UK, 1975)

Talk without rage,
Let your feelings flow free,
Grasp the bars of your cage,
And make it a tree.

Tap the tree very low,
To measure the flow,
Count the rings round your heart,
And learn how to grow.

Talk without rage,
Let your feelings flow free,
See the roof of your cage,
As the boughs of a tree,
And there at the top,
Sings the bird of your soul,
Tiny and brilliant and perfectly whole.

© Arthur Watson


Photo of Carmel DohertyCarmel Doherty qualified from the University of Dundee in 1990 with an M.Phil in Public Art & Design and since then she has exhibited extensively both in Ireland and on the Continent. Her work is held in both public and private collections.

Photo of Arthur WatsonArthur Watson is a poet whose work comments wryly on the sacred and profane elements of our common experience. Whilst rooted in the day to day, his poems reflect the complex inner spiritual aspirations of that outer material existence to render the invisible visible. His poems are humorous, ironic, psychological, political, witty, honest, loving, compassionate and life affirming!

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