'Hill' by Mick O'Dea

Title: Hill; Size & Medium: Acrylic, 30″ x 22″; Price: €5,000.

Winter Ending


Deep in. So deep another week
and we could crack. Time
to cauterise back what the
scirocco wind has pruned:
the kiln-dry woods; the fields
of biscuit-fired grass.
Riss, Mindel, Würm,
each year we come this near
to them; and us. Then, suddenly,
regular as Old Faithful, bird-song,
sun glancing on Gerald’s hill,
the first pass of Spring.
We can’t win. For God’s sake,
God, give us a chance. Let us
just this once feel the full blast
of your countenance. Instead of
brush fires send us brasiers
to burn out the hekeldamas of our souls.
Trouble is, where you see flowers
in glaciers, I see waders stranded
by loughs of crazed, frozen water
fouled by swans.


© Brian Mooney


Photo of Mick O'DeaMick O’Dea was born in Ennis. President of the Royal Hibernian Academy, Honorary member of the Royal Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy, Board member of the National Gallery of Ireland and member of Aosdána.


Photo of Brian MooneyBorn in Dublin, Brian Mooney came to live in the Burren in Co. Clare in the 1960s where he was in business until 1995. Poetry was always his first love. He has published three collections of poetry. He currently lives in Kilkee.

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