Carmel Doherty paintings at the Rowan Tree

Carmel Doherty

A native of County Clare, Carmel Doherty initially studied sculpture at Limerick School of Art and Design and went on to qualify from the University of Dundee with an M.Phil in Public Art & Design which she received in 1990 and has subsequently exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally.
From 1988 to 1990 she was a visiting lecturer at L.S.A.D and has also given workshops at the Burren School of Art. She has been awarded numerous residencies including; Sculpture Fellowship at Limerick School of Art, West Cork Sculptor Residency and represented Co Clare in the Langenfeld Sculpture Symposium in 2014. As well as participating in sculpture and painting exhibitions, Carmel also project administrates public art exhibitions and is responsible for the first ten contemporary permanent stone sculptures which were sited in Ennis from 1997 to 1999 in the town centre and along the river walk. Carmel also curates large multi medium exhibitions in gallery spaces. Her work is held in many private and public collections.
Her public art can be viewed on the corner of Bindon Street, in the fountain at the The Maid of Eireann Roundabout and in woodland area of Ballybeg Woodlands.
In 2000 she emigrated to The Algarve in Portugal where she lived for three years and started painting there full time. The Rowan Tree exhibits a collection of paintings from various exhibitions.

Purple Seashore

Title: “Purple Cove”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 120cm x 90cm without frame
Price: €2,000
Background: The sea is always of great inspiration to me, especially the West Coast of Co Clare, and the area around the Cliffs of Moher.

Hare in the Red Poppies

Title: “Hare in the Red Poppies”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 102cm x 102cm
Price: €800 – SOLD
Background: My qualifications are in sculpture, specializing in Public Art. In 2014 I represented Ennis in a sculpture symposium in Germany where I made a large Hare sitting on an apple core. Once again the Hare series of sculptures and paintings come from the Cliffs of Moher, as it is quiet common to see Hares playing in the unfrequented areas of the cliffs.

The Yellow Bird

Title: “The Yellow Bird”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 79cm x 113cm
Price: 1,500
Background: Birds started to come into my paintings about 4 years ago, as my paintings can be fairly abstract, I liked the idea of a detailed painted section. The “Yellow Bird” is up in the trees singing it’s heart out in a majestic setting. The call of the wild.

The Mad Hatter

Title: “The Mad Hatter”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 86cm x 86cm
Price: €800 – SOLD
Background: This is part of my Hare series of paintings. In Irish mythology Hare’s play a big part in the afterlife and are significant for witches as an Irish witch can easily change into a Hare. Thats why a lot of people will not eat Hare’s in Ireland, as they could be eating their grandmothers.


Title: “Doolin” / “Rota”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 101cm x 181cm
Price: €2,500
Background: This painting was created using a poem called “Rota” which was written by Patrick Stack. “To Be or Naught To Be”, was a contemporary exhibition of paintings and poems which was exhibited in Glor Gallery in March of 2015. This was an exciting exhibition where 15 poets and 5 artist came together, the artist using the poems as inspiration to create paintings. This exhibition of work can be viewed under the exhibition section on the home page, under Art poetry exhibition 2015

Winter's Ending

Title: “Winters Ending”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 62cm x 120cm
Price: €1,500
Background: In some areas in Ireland the only indication that anybody lives in the location is the telegraph poles, marching away out into the middle of nowhere. I love the isolation of this idea, living on the side of a cliff but still having contact with the rest of the world. This painting was exhibited as part of the exhibition “To Be or Naught To Be in Glor in 2015.


Title: “The Queen of the Green Rushes”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 91cm x 170cm
Price: €1,500
Background: Once more the little bird sings it heart out, with such a majestic voice that all come out to hear her sing. The fairy’s are flying in the background and there are two horses and riders further back all listening to her song. So she is the Queen of the Green Rushes because she is the best, oblivious to all singing away.

Small red poppy

Title: “Small Red Poppy”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 40cm x 40cm
Price: €300
Background: This is part of a series of paintings there were 7 paintings in all, all depicting different wildlife on the side of a meandering brook. These are the last two of this set.

turnpike 1

Title: “Turnpike 1”
Medium: Mixed on Canvas
Size: 92cm x 62cm
Price: €1,200
Background: I painted two paintings depicting an era well gone in the town of Ennis. The area that I painted is called “The Turnpike” which was a row of thatch cottages situated in the heart of Ennis town. This was where my father grew up and he used to recite stories of growing up in this area, playing hurling and football and all of the work he had to do as a child of that era. I tried to depict in these paintings the life and heart that was in this area, although poor they had great character.

1turnpike 2
Title: “Turnpike 2”
Medium: Mixed medium on board
Size: 55cm x 45cm
Price: €800 – SOLD
Background: Painting of the Turnpike, an old long gone road of thatched cottages.

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