Animation Summer Art Camp: Each Summer I run an animation art camp as the students need a good series or hours at a time in order to create an animation of any substance. In this art camp we cover 2d animation which is a digital method of flipbook animation where visuals are created by drawing on the computer. These animations look a lot more smoother because the timing can be adjusted to compensate. The cons of creating such an animation is that the student becomes learns new software skills. 2D animation is very popular in the creative industry because its target industry. Anime and recent cartoon series on TV are a good example of 2D Animations. The animation on the right was created by Shonagh O’Reilly in the 2014 Summer Animation Camp.
Stop Motion Animation makes use of figurine or physical objects to create animation. The students use play dough and capture the movement using a camera. Once the photos are taken they are manipulated using Photoshop which are then edited using Director creating a moving image video. The video on the left was created by Mikey Cashell, Mikey created this video as part of a portfolio piece for admission into an Animation Degree course in Dun Laoghaire College of Art.

Why study animation with kids Because it’s a great vehicle to help them better understand storytelling and sequencing ideas, whether in words or pictures. Simple animation techniques are fun, hands-on projects that incorporate play, creativity and collaboration. Because the underlying processes are the same as for video, animation projects are a powerful way to help kids understand and prepare for more sophisticated media projects.

At Ennis Art School, animation projects are offered usually during Summer Camps where the students learn how to create story boards and create short animated films using Photoshop and Director.

The following are links to short animated films that the students created which are live on youtube.

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