I predominantly paint seascapes, as I have a passion for the sea especially the Atlantic. I have swam all of my life and I have been involved in competitive swimming since I was a young child. All of my childhood Summers were spent on beaches on the West Coast of Clare, from sun up to sun set and I started deep sea diving when I was in my early twenties and sense I have dived all over the world Probably I am just one of those people who should never have left the water, I would have been much happier as a fish. Thats where my fascination comes from, I never tire of looking at the sea, the wilder the better.
I have been painting the sea for many years and the following are links to my latest sea paintings.
“Angelina” – It has taken me many years to paint this, the concept behind the painting is of an angel coming out of the waves. A small hawk like bird is perched on her wrist, while a dove circles in flight to the right. She is wearing a wrist watch, symbolic of how limited time is.
“Doolin” – SOLD – One of my favorite spots in the whole world, a big storm and the waves coming in are like rolling mountains, spectacular.
“Talking to God” – SOLD – I must say I do like a waterfall, thundering down the side of a mountain or crashing off the side of a cliff into the sea, how wonderous. This waterfall is not any one in particular it is just a conglomeration of them all.
“Rota” – This is one of the very new seascapes, depicting flat limestone plates, telephone poles and dangerous looking sky’s.
“Dharma” – SOLD – One of Doolin again, looking down from ridge to a lower ridge.
“Silken Threads” – Started putting birds into my paintings last year. I was up on the Cliffs of Moher last Summer watching the seagulls and raves surfing the updraft from the cliffs, pretty spectacular, so I decided to include them into a series of paintings.
“Coming of Age” – SOLD

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