Anon is Anall was a collaborative exhibition of contemporary art and traditional irish music from County Clare. This exhibition first began in 2008 and culminated in 2013. The idea behind the exhibition was to explore the connection between the fine arts and traditional Irish music, as the common denominator between all is the inspiration for the creativity which comes from the land and the sea. The video contains footage from the last exhibition which was held in Glor, encompassing paintings, sculpture, animation, film and print. A video was created depicting the relationship between the artist and the musician, using the newly created tune as the backing track to the video. Tommy Peoples, Eoin O’Neill and Paul Dooley contributed traditional tunes to previous Anon is Anall exhibitions.

Mick O’Dea and Martin Hayes
Jean Regan & Tola Custy
Lorraine Wall and Kevin Crawford
John Gibbons and PJ King
Brian McMahon and The Pecker Dunne
Richard Sharp and Padraig Rynne
Bernard Dowd and Blackie O’Connell
Carmel Doherty and Siobhan Peoples
Will Gillchrist and Karol Lynch
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