Ennis Multimedium Arts Project 1991 – I was informed that there was funding available from United Nations Training Program and that if I put forward a good training project that it would be secured. The program that I submitted was for a multi medium project covering Digital Video Production, Sound Editing, Public Art, Set Design and Painting, a mini art school in all respects.
The project was approved with the provision for 25 students and five tutors. The structure of the program was four months practical hands on tuition followed by twelve month work experience in the students relative areas.
This project only lasted the one year and was then dismantled, much to the dismay of the tutors and students. All I can say about this project was that it was ahead of its time, although we had acquired top of the range video editing and sound recording equipment which was a major asset to the community as both a learning device and a marketing tool for students wanting to learn video construction, editing and sound recording, it was all dismantled and sent down to Tralee.
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