Richard Sharp, paintings at the Rowan Tree

Photo of Richard Sharp,

'The Wall' by Richard Sharp
Richard Sharp’s work is heavily influenced by his nautical environment, living on a precipice overlooking Quilty bay in Co. Clare. His paintings depict the fragility of the landscape, where flowers from both the Mediterranean and the Arctic grow side by side.,

Richard Foyer

Title: “Rowan Tree”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 100cm x 100cm
Price: €600
Background: Very interested in his immediate environment, the Rowan Tree is one of Richard’s favorite trees, with it’s diversity of seasonal color.

1-richard tree foyer

Title: “White Hawthorn”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 100cm x 100cm
Price: €600
Background: This painting is a detailed study of moss growing on White Hawthorn.

1-richards moon

Title: “Corcomroe Abbey”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 100cm x 90cm
Price: €300
Background: Detailed study painting of Corcomroe Abbey in North West Clare.

1-rowan trees with owl

Title: “Rowan Tree with Owl”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 100cm x 120cm
Price: €600
Background: Detailed study of Rowan Tree with an owl sitting in the branches.

1-white hawthorn

Title: “Corcomroe Abbey with Whitethorn”
Medium: Mixed
Size: 90cm x 90cm
Price: €NFS

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